Covering the entire Digital Customer Journey

TjeKvik Mobile

  • 24/7 Solution

  • Enhances customer freedom and convenience

  • Simple to follow but complete process

TjeKvik Outdoor

  • QR Code and use existing hardware

  • Identify customers outside opening hours

  • Consistently follow the TjeKvik process – inc: signature capture

  • Identify – recoveries and customers without appointments

TjeKvik Indoor

  • Individual key lockers

  • Two stage customer verification

  • Customer data and work required verified

  • Qualifying questions set by dealer

  • Vehicle location identified

  • Customisable invoice enhancement

  • Secure key storage

  • Integrated customer support through phone, text and video

  • Dealer and OEM branding

TjeKvik Tablet

  • Secure and consistent process

  • Ease the process for employees

  • Focus on the customer not the IT

  • Improve added value sales

  • Enhanced data capture

  • Brand alignment

  • Step one of the Digital Work Order