Extend your opening hours with Tjekvik 24/7 Outdoor Technology

Make 24/7 check-in and check-out possible with our secure outdoor kiosks designed for the always-on world we live in today. Integrate our cutting-edge software with the new Tjekvik 24/7 Outdoor Kiosk for a secure, profitable, and frictionless outdoor operation.

Introducing the revolutionary Tjekvik 24/7 outdoor self-service kiosk!

Our kiosk offers unparalleled benefits for both your dealership and your customers:

  • With extended business hours and unmanned locations, your dealership will provide an unbeatable level of convenience to your customers.
  • Enabling customers to check-in and out will save even more time for your service teams.
  • Our software allows you to build customer journeys for customers with or without appointments as well as capture vehicle recoveries.
  • Your dealership will benefit from the safety and security of our kiosk with individual key lockers, which is undergoing final stages of the highly-coveted EN1143 safety certification.
  • Our externally audited software ensures that the kiosk is always secure against software breaches.

Your customers will love the convenience and security of our kiosk:

  • The secure software is simple and easy to use.
  • With full Tjekvik self-service software functionality, customers can check-in from the comfort of their home and drop their keys when it is convenient for them or complete the full check-in at the dealership.
  • They can also securely check out and pick up their keys outside of business hours.
  • Individual key lockers provide reassurance that their keys are always safe and secure.
  • This means less time spent at the dealership and more time doing the things they love.
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