TjeKvik the #1 provider of Digital Service Reception software allowing

Mercedes Benz dealers to digitise the customer journey.

We provide a full digital service supporting customers using the TjeKvik mobile, indoor and outdoor solutions​:

  • Start your check-in 24 hours before scheduled appointment on mobile, tablet, laptop or PC

  • Customer check-in and check-out on indoor kiosk or outdoor. Extending opening hours and reducing customer stress

  • Service Advisor Tablet providing a secure and consistent process focused on the customer

'The best customer experience is the one the customer chooses - delivered well'.


TjeKvik Provides Choice 

Play the videos below to see the mobile and in dealer customer experience

Mobile Check In

TjeKvik sends an SMS to all eligible customers the day before their service appointment.

The customer can complete the check in process at home or work at a time convenient to them.

This saves the customer time in the morning when they can complete their check in at the in dealer kiosk.

You can set the customer questions and added value items to reflect your different customer types.

The 'See how it works' section cna be changed for a dealer specific video or animation.

In Dealership Check In

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