Self-Service Kiosk

Grow your business with a digital colleague that provides the perfect experience, every time

The Perfect Check-In Experience

With data and feedback from 1.000.000+ check-ins, our self-service kiosk enables dealerships to create the best possible service outcome. Every. Single. Time.

Faster Check-Ins
Reduced Queues
Fewer Service Errors
Increased Revenue
Better Data Quality
Happier Employees

Full Self-Service Capabilities

Multiple Check-In Options

Up-To-Date Customer Records

Transparent Communication

Automated Sales Funnel

Custom Data Capture

Secure & Compliant Sign-Off

Service Tablet Advisor

Reduce IT anxiety and supplement with a more personal customer experiences

The Ideal Personal Touch

Let service advisors step away from their desk to meet and greet customers and provide them with a guided service option in a portable solution.

All software functionalities of Kiosk
Works on any tablet and operating system
Simple to use for anyone

Appointment Manager

Boost efficiency and transparency in your workshop and backoffice operations

Easy Appointment Overview

Streamline your operations by providing your entire team a quick overview of today’s appointments and vehicle status for each stage of the service journey.

Instant Check-In Visibility

Quickly alert the team to waiting customers, important remarks and extra add-ons with a display in your administration or reception area to ensure a speedy and efficient process.

Agile Service Teams

Empower your service teams by letting them manage appointments, vehicle status, key lockers, and parking locations on the go for a faster and more efficient workflow.

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