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Winter Add Ons


Dealers and service centres can help their customers avoid the rising trend in opportunistic winter vehicle thefts, according to market-leading dealer software provider, Tjekvik.

Instances of ‘frost-jacking’ – when opportunistic car thieves steal vehicles that have been left unattended while the windscreen defrosts – increase each winter as cold and icy weather arrives. More than 37%of UK motorists admit to leaving their car running unattended while they keep warm indoors.*

In the USA, the National Insurance Crime Bureau reported that the number of vehicle thefts that occurred because keys or fobs were left inside the vehicle had increased by 56% over a three-year period and 88% over five years.

With the UK’s worst winter in 10 years predicted and heavy snow fall arriving by the end of November**, the temptation to leave the car alone to defrost will get stronger.

But, with over €2 million of added value items sold over 12months on the Tjekvik check-in system***, now is the perfect time for dealers to tailor their customer offers for the winter months.

Using Tjekvik’s innovative solution, dealers and service centres can change which added value items they want to put before customers at any time and customise text and imagery to suit.

Tjekvik advises that dealers should offer winter-themed add-on items such as winter packs, including de-icer and windscreen scrapers; fresh wiper blades to combat frost and grit from the roads; air conditioning refreshes to assist in clearing steamed up windscreens and winter tyres, which feature high-silica content rubber and tread patterns designed to stay flexible and provide better grip in temperatures below 7 degrees Celsius.

Tjekvik’s software and hardware solution not only helps to increase dealer efficiency and profitability, but also provides an improved customer experience. Its technology reduces waiting times for customers at peak vehicle drop-off times, while the ability to check-in from home makes the process quicker and easier and enhances consumer satisfaction. Meanwhile, Tjekvik’s system reduces pressure on dealer staff and maximises added value sales.

*Source: RAC report, October 2021

** https://www.express.co.uk/news/weather/1521703/UK-snow-forecast-weather-warning-heavy-snow-winter-2021-cold-December

***Figures to Sept 30, 2021