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Dealers see 65% surge in service partner initiative by using Tjekvik automated sign-up system

BMW dealers that have incorporated Tjekvik’s automated Preferred Service Partner programme have seen a 65% uptake in customers selecting BMW main dealers as their preferred partners.

Tjekvik integrated its self check-in and check-out function with the My BMW app earlier this year but this new feature creates an improved customer sign-up process for the BMW Service Partner programme that enhances dealer efficiency and helps retain service and maintenance revenue within theBMW network.  

Tjekvik CEO and co-founder, Christian Mark, said: “Previously, dealers had to remember to ask the customer about joining the preferred service partner programme, before manually updating the BMW system with the customer’s details, or hoping that the customer proactively selected their preferred partner in their vehicles’ iDrive or through the My BMW app.”

The original non-automated version of the Preferred Service Partner programme using the Tjekvik technology yielded more than 4,000 requests per month in the UK, which dealers then had to manually update in the internal system. The automated process immediately delivered a significant uplift, generating 850 updates in the space of just nine weeks for the two pilot dealers.

The enhanced automated Tjekvik software links instantly to the BMW database and offers the service partner questions only to customers who have no service partner or are connected to another dealer and automatically updates the internal system when customers sign up.

This not only relieves pressure on dealer staff, who no longer have to remember to question customers about the service partner programme or manually update the database, but also enables direct communication with the customer for all of their service and maintenance needs.

Christian said: “This strengthens the relationship between dealer and customer, increases retention within the BMW network and helps minimise the loss of revenue to independent and fast-fit sectors which can often happen, particularly with the older car parc.

“With three quarters of UK motorists relying on independent garages for their vehicle’s services, there is plenty that the franchised network can claw back. The peace of mind that comes with the quality assurance and vehicle expertise of a main dealer is still valuable to the customer so, by streamlining the customer sign-up process to the Preferred Service Partner programme, we can help retain some of that lost revenue.”

The upgraded connectivity with the Tjekvik technology also means that customers will only be asked the preferred service partner question aspart of the check-in process if they are not already aligned to the dealer, significantly improving the overall customer experience.