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Tjekvik Launches in Australia

Exciting news as the innovative self service software starts to deliver for BMW customers



Dealership self-service software specialist, Tjekvik, has partnered with BMW Australia and Melbourne BMW to launch its solution inAustralia.


The first of an initial three-dealer project allows the city dealership to sample Tjekvik’s market-leading software and hardware, designed to enhance efficiency, profitability and customer experience.


Melbourne BMW has installed two of Tjekvik’s premium kiosks at its 118 City Rd, Southbank service centre, offering customers the opportunity to skip the service desk queues using the system’s home and in-dealer self-service check-in and check-out.This makes for a quicker, easier process for the customer and reduces pressure on dealership staff, especially during the peak periods.


The project will expand into two other BMW sites inAustralia and, once complete, the technology could be rolled out across the rest of the BMW network in the country.


Tjekvik’s innovative solution has also been integrated with the My BMW app, making it even easier for vehicle owners to manage their booking with the BMW service centre.


Kevin Pascoe, Tjekvik’s representative in Australia, said:“One of the key challenges that Melbourne BMW has from customers is the waiting time when checking their vehicle in and out at the service centre. The site currently does up to 90 throughputs a day but, with the efficiency that theTjekvik system brings, I’d expect that number to rise and, with it, the profitability of the site.


“Tjekvik’s solution has come at the perfect time in terms of the pandemic. It ensures risk-free transactions, allows customers to distance and digitises the entire process.”


James Marriott, Aftersales Manager at Melbourne BMW, said:“We do find there are a percentage of customers who want a single touch-point where they have a fast, easy and accessible experience which is as premium as when they purchased the vehicle. This becomes challenging when you are balancing the effectiveness of an aftersales department and the experience for the customer.


“The Tjekvik home check-in and Tjekvik kiosks are allowing us to offer another layer to the suite of options given to our customers in terms of accessibility to the dealership, whilst still being at a premium level. This, coupled with the peace of mind a contactless option can give to our customers, only further elevates the experience, as can be seen in other industries such as aviation.”


Tjekvik’s technology allows BMW service customers to receive their booking notification in the My BMW app and use it to check in remotely online, add extra items to their booking, answer dealer set questions and then be notified when their vehicle is ready check out and collection.


Customers can then use the Tjekvik software to simply drop their vehicle key at a secure Tjekvik kiosk at the BMW Centre. Alternatively, they can use the Tjekvik kiosk at the dealer site, which guides them through the same process and seamlessly includes the choice to select added value items such as wiper blade replacement and summer vehicle health checks. Once the check-in is complete, a notification is sent to confirm the safe receipt of the customers keys.


Marriott said: “The intuitive design of the system has allowed us to leave our customers to use the kiosks freely, without need for interaction from our Concierge. This enables more efficient movement of the vehicles around our parking area by the Concierge team.


“With more time given to the Service Advisors due to customers choosing to check in and check out at the kiosk, they have more freedom to interact with the customer during the day about the work required on their vehicle.


“From a dealership perspective, the biggest benefit will be the ability to facilitate more throughputs in our Service Department without requiring additional resource.”