Automotive Aftersales Experts & Service Process Nerds

100+ years of aftersales experiences, from technician to top management on European level

Daily Interactions

Every day more than 2.500 people use Tjekvik's self-service solutions.

100+ years
Automotive Experience

100+ years of customer facing & automotive management experience.

Team Members

We are rapidly growing our teams across the world and always looking for more.

Automotive Dedication

Dedicated to automotive customers across brands, retail groups, and dealerships


A Great Solution Starts With a Great Need

From working in the industry we identified an imminent need to improve the customer experience, so in late 2015 we began our journey to:

Optimise Dealership Organisations
Remove the technical barriers so any team member can support the customer at check in and out providing a more customer focused approach.

Create Positive Revenue and Profitability
Enhance the service sales operations and processes and prepare modern dealerships to deal with higher volumes of electric and lease company owned cars.

Give the Customer a Digital Alternative
Provide "digital native" customers the choice for their aftersales journey and create an improved and frictionless customer experience.

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